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Friday, July 29, 2005

Beat you B!^@h

Dont you hate arogante people (I sure do!). I went to the track a good week ago and while waiting in the lane this guy in his brand new Honda cbr F4i started talking a lot of CRAP!!! that his bike was gonna rip mine in half. Mind you his bike is faster but when it comes down to it, its all in the wrist.

This picture is evidence that this guy did not beat me at the track. This pass was my best my time 11.2 at a 122mph on a bone stock 2000 zx6r.

I guess this is a lesson for all those people out there that talk a big game and cant back it up.


Blogger Jeff said...

Omar I would never have guessed you raced bikes. That's nuts 122 MPH...

6:44 AM

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Blogger C}{ris said...

actually a Honda CBR 600 F4i is nowhere near as fast as a stock Kawasaki ZX6R I have a 2005 636 which is also called ZX6R. I have made a 1/4 mile pass in Greenville Mississippi and ran 10.40 at 147MPH.

1:55 PM

Blogger terryx said...

Delta power,that's what I'm talkin bout!I live outside of greenwood now & ride a 2k zx6r!where do u race now,since they closed the track?

5:26 PM


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