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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

2000 Kawasaki zx6r

Here are some little modifications for a Kawasaki zx6r that make a BIG difference. The 2000 Kawasaki zx6r may not be the prettiest bike on the street but it sure is one of the fastest. I've raced brand new 2005 (600cc) GSXR--R6--CBR and have yet to loose a race. I do have some small modifications done to my bike that help me get that extra kick in the rear.

First mod made to the bike was lowering link ($50). You cannot race on this bike unless you drop it (if you don't drop your bike you may end up wearing it as a helmet). Drop the rear all the way down also drop the front of the bike. To do this just loosen up the upper and lower triple trees and make sure that its an even drop. Ounce this is done its a lot safer to drop the hammer all the way.

Second mod is a K&N ($60) air filter this was a big a help on the horse power. Installation is real easy just take off the tank (make sure your gas valve is off) open the air box and swap the filters.

Third mod was a Vortex front 15 sprocket ($80) This may be the most important modification because this part gives you more torque. Installation is a little bit more complicated you may need a bike jack to support the swing arm while you loosen the rear tire. Ounce the rear tire is loose and the adjustment screws and pulled back push the tire forward. Then take off the sprocket case and loosen the sprocket screw, separate chain from sprocket and replace sprocket (MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS TIGHT!!!!!).

FYI do not race on TOP END if your using these mods. The best way to race with these parts is when your at a full stop or rolling in 1st gear. Do not race after 4th gear, the power band on the zx6r starts leveling after that gear.

Any questions on these and other mods or racing feel free to email. Future mods are Full exhaust and jet kit to the carbs.